Cellulite Treatments | Lipomassage from Endermologie by LPG

These state-of-the-art treatments use the most advanced non-surgical technologies to target specific areas including arms, abdominal, buttocks, legs and around the knee area. Although you’ll notice the treatment’s slimming and tightening effects immediately, the more significant improvements will occur gradually over a period of several weeks as your body sculpts itself to its new shape.


Based on your specific needs, your esthetician will select the best option to meet your goals.


We realize that none of us are exactly alike and may require different treatments to meet our desired goals. Based on your consultation, our Estheticians will tailor a specific treatment or series of treatments to help you achieve your goals.


Lipomassage from Endermologie by LPG


Cellulite has met its match! Endermologie is a FDA-approved method for the treatment of cellulite. A hand-held roller using aspiration suction, rolling and lifting the skin is used for targeted results. The lifting creates a wave of tissue that delicately stimulates the skin and sends a signal deep into the cells to promote fat loss and activates collagen and elastin production to re-sculpt your body.